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  • ECO-friendly platform

    GoGreenShop is an eco-friendly platform that offers used, upcycled and green household items. Our mission is simple – to promote sustainable living in Hong Kong.



  • Green Dot Home

    Best way to reduce waste is simply to re-use it!

    As part of Green Dot Home, we present you with a variety of used furniture collected from their furniture collection program.

  • Details on our Recycling Program


  • GDH Plus (coming soon)

    What is upcycling? In short, it is to bring the unwanted pieces into something aspirational.

    Creativity plus eco-friendly concept brings us a new style of living. GDH Plus is delighted to work with many talented designers who brought us these creative upcycled household items. You can now find some of these amazing products here.

    Details on GDH Plus


  • Green Living (coming soon)

    To make it an all rounded eco-friendly shopping experience, we also source green products from around the world to compliment with our used furniture and upcycled household collections.